We would like your help inspiring all the brave kids who are fighting very scary battles right now.

It’s easy to help more than a like and it’s FREE !

Send us inspirational messages on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #lemonadeforkids

You can also leave leave a *message to the Kids at the bottom of this page. No registration is necessary. Login with your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or your WordPress username and password to leave an inspirational message for the Children. It really can make a difference and we Thank You for that! *messages are held for moderation before going live… (It’s For The Kids!)

We will be assembling an inspirational video for Kids with the Lemonade For Kids Artwork along with your inspirational quotes to them. Using the power of the social internet, multimedia & a little inspiration, you too can make a difference in the life of a Child. Be a real Hero by inspiring and lifting the spirits of sick Children today! Who knows how many Kids your message will touch? Who knows how many tissues will be needed? Kleenex are you reading this? We’re going to need you!

Speaking of Inspiration & Art.

Another great person has reached out to us and offered his help. Mark H. Jones of Visions of Maine (Daily glimpses of Maine’s natural beauty with inspiring quotes and the source for things to do in the State of Maine.) has stepped up and offered a $500 donation to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital if his Facebook Page gets 500 more likes. All Artwork posted on his page comes with Inspirational Messages that can help you through your hard times and are sure to lift your head up in delightful hope for the future. If we had to describe it in 3 words they would be Maine + Art + Inspiration. Here is a quote from his Facebook Page:

Visions Of Maine. Inspirational Art“Visions of Maine provides inspiratioanal photography and reflections while providing ideas on things to do in Maine. Please join me for a view through the lenses of several of Maine’s premiere landscape photographers as you reflect on a positive inspirational quote for your day. You will also find often overllooked or forgotton things to do here in our beautiful State. More of the work of each artist can be found on their website included with each photo that I share. Many of them offer prints, calendars, gallary wraps, etc so please check them out when you have time. Best, Mark Jones”


Lemonade For Kids, the SuperHero!

A Super Hero Character from a fan of Lemonade for Kids on Facebook. Who else thinks He’s a Super Hero? We Do!

Have you ever said, “somebody ought to do something about that?”

Well, I’m here to say, “get up, go look in the mirror, and then go do  SOMETHING, because you are SOMEBODY! You too can make a difference in the life of a sick Child.”

Hi Kids! Here’s a Fun Fact by the Lemonade For Kids Fan Page:

These Images were made with Adobe Photoshop using only 1 filter in each image. They may look similar at first, but look closer by clicking on them. They are all unique and just like you Kids, no 2 are the same!

If you want to make us some art, whether it be with your computer, tablet, phone, pen, pencil, crayon or even a PINK marker, that would be JUST GREAT! We would love to see your Art!

Who’s a Fan of Lemonade For Kids? We Are! We Are!

The Official LFK Fan Certificate

Print this Official LFK Certificate to show that you are a Fan & Supporter of Lemonade For Kids! Thank You!

The bottom ones are outlines you can print for your Children to color in. Click on any image, then scroll left or right to find the one you like. Next, click on  Send us your art using hashtag #lemonadeforkids or post it to our Facebook Wall.

When we get enough, we’ll even post your Art to our Lemonade For Kids Media Section for Fan Art! Some of the art you send us may even be included in our inspirational video! How’s that for cool Kiddos?

Thank you for standing with us & STAY TUNED for more inspiration to come. It’s For The Kids!

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  1. Barb Woodruff

    It is awsome to see someone doing something for such a wonderful cause, the Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital!! I challenge Stephen Betters to go totally pink when donations reach $ 1 million!

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