St. Baldrick’s

St. Baldrick’s is the first Local Charitable Cause that we would like you to support along with us.

April Hawks, the Person who Helped Steve create his Facebook Page is also a great Person, Author, and a Mom with a great Cause. Please Share Some Lemonade for her Son Spencer Too. Spencer has A.L.L.


Here is an audio clip of her on the Cares For Kids Telethon March 15th 2014.

Thank You!

You can reach out to April on Twitter @AprilHawks or find Thug Monkeys Unite on Facebook.

She wants to organize a Local Shave Event in Maine Soon and already has one Volunteer.

Lemonade For Spencer

Lemonade For Spencer. Donate By Phone: (888) 899‑2253 or online by clicking this image.

“Spencer got a fever. Kids get fevers. His fever was high and children’s fever reducers weren’t touching it. He had blood work done after 5 days. The results led to hospitalization and a diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I am shaving my head to spread the word about Children’s Cancer and to help raise money for research. Every dollar helps us find a cure and prevent other children from dealing with Cancer.”

Here is a recent quote from her Blog:

“I have so many things that are going on in my life right now, aside from the general day to day busy. I am honored to be a part of the facebook page Lemonade For Kids which has now gone viral on the internet. Stephen Betters, who started the concept and proudly displays a hot pink beard, is a wonderful man. If you click on the post you will see why. It is a beautiful thing that Stephen has created, and others have joined in as well, to help the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. There is now a website 🙂 The facebook page is getting recognition from around the world, has been on the local news and even on CNN. The campaign was started on February 1. It is now the 21st. The page has over 4 thousand likes. Incredible.

Hi Spencer!Also, I am one of the official 46 Mommas to represent St. Baldrick’s campaign to raise money and awareness for Childhood Cancer. I was the first Momma from Maine in the five years since its inception. In the time since I was accepted, another Maine Momma has joined. We will be shaving our heads in July in Boston, Mass. I am honored and excited to be a part of this wonderful group of women. Our team is called Thug Monkeys Unite. I am beyond words in terms of expressing my gratitude for the opportunity and those supporting me.

In addition, I am writing. This makes my soul peaceful. I have written blog posts that were very well received. For that, I thank you.

Now, I have a four year old in my lap so I am going to come back later. In the meantime, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Please watch the two videos below. One explains more about St. Baldrick’s and the other is about the Ripple Effect that Childhood Cancer Causes.

Childhood cancer research can literally save and change the lives of children with cancer around the world. That’s why the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is committed to funding the best and most-promising research, wherever it takes place.

When you make a donation, be confident knowing that your money is going to the world’s leading pediatric oncologists to fight all types of childhood cancers, for kids of all ages.

Children with cancer aren’t just little adults fighting adult cancers. They require unique treatment and research, yet with less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget directed to childhood cancers, research funding that’s just for kids is scarce.

That’s where you and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation step in — to make children with cancer a priority and help them live long, healthy lives.

But the clock is ticking — every 3 minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer. Join us today in the ripple effect that will change the world.

Thank You! ~ Lemonade For Kids.

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