Maine Police Emerald Society

Join us at the Maine Police Emerald Society 2014 Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Golf Scramble.

When: Saturday June 7th, 2014.

Where: Riverside Golf course. 1158 Riverside Street in Portland, Maine.

Why: To benefit the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital of Maine.

For more info on joining or sponsoring this event, please call Janine at 207-233-3735 or click on the flyers & forms below: Thank You!

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Maine Police Emerald Society Mission:

The mission of the Maine Police Emerald Society is to develop a spirit of brotherhood and fellowship amongst its members as well as to promote police professionalism amongst Gaelic-American law enforcement officers.

Maine Police Emerald Society History:

Some of the oldest municipal Police forces in America were formed early in the 1800’s coinciding with the height of the Irish Potato Famine that lead to a dramatic increase in the number of Irish immigrating into the United States. Due to the nature of the position, few others wanted to work under the dangerous conditions, yet the prospect of a steady civil service job lured thousands of Irish-Americans into law enforcement making them the majority that founded and laid the groundwork for almost every early Police Department. Probably the oldest and most notable Irish influence is the playing of bagpipes at the funerals of fallen officers, award ceremonies, parades, and various events where respect and honor are celebrated. This tradition continues even today and is embraced by all law enforcement officers regardless of their ancestry.

One of the first Emerald Societies was started in Boston, Massachusetts in 1973 by the Boston Police Department. It is fitting considering that the Boston Police Department is the oldest law enforcement agency in the United States. The Boston Police Department was officially established in 1854 and was structured after a model designed by Sir Robert Peele for the London Police Force of London, England.

Since 1973 “Emerald Societies” have formed around the United States and Canada. Most of the “Emerald Societies” that are formed today revolve around the Public Safety profession. Albeit many of the Societies are law enforcement orientated, many are geared towards firefighters, medical personnel, corrections officers, and some encompass all the above into one society. Regardless of which way a society is orientated they share one common goal, “to instill and preserve Gaelic culture and heritage amongst their members.”

In 2002 several Gaelic-American Law Enforcement personnel in Maine gathered with the goal of forming a society and fraternal organization for Maine Law Enforcement Personnel of Gaelic Decent. Our Society is dedicated to recognizing and promoting the accomplishments and contributions of our ancestors and fellow Gaelic-Americans to the law enforcement community. We’re also devoted to developing the spirit of fraternalism and fellowship among our members, while promoting positive public sentiment towards the law enforcement community.

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