What is the guy with a Pink Beard doing with his new found internet fame? Sharing It.

As a “thank you back” he wants to use his new found gitchy look to share the wealth with a few other Charitable Causes in the area.

Please consider participating in or donating to these other worthwhile causes we find along the journey. Lemonade doesn’t always have to be Pink you know!

“All I wanted was for people to take a moment of their time to stop thinking about world problems, political issues, even their own struggles, and just for one second before they hit that ‘like’ button to think about children and their situation.” ~ Stephen Betters

Lemons Into Lemonade

This is the image on Facebook that started it all.

St. Baldrick’s is the first Local Charitable Cause that we would like you to support along with us.

April Hawks, the woman who Helped Steve create his Facebook Page is also a great Person, Author, and a Mom with a great Cause. You can reach out to April on Twitter @AprilHawks

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