Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

There is a Hospital for sick Children in Maine.

A lost bet and a simple compromise led to a  thought of the brave Kids at that Hospital. That was the beginning of Lemonade For Kids. Where will the journey end? Nobody knows. That doesn’t matter though, it’s about the journey, never the destination. Please remember that and also use it to inspire a Kid you know.

We would like to thank the Staff and say hi to all the Kids. We might not be able to visit so often, so we will do what we can from here OK?

Remember this Kids. You are the real HEROES in this story!

If you would like to say thanks for this Website, the Pink Beard, or to help the Kids, please consider donating directly to the Hospital. Click the following link to learn more or donate to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

You really can turn Lemons into Lemonade. It just takes a little PINK sometimes.

Don’t believe us though. See for yourself!


Thank you!

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