Lemons Into Lemonade, Lemonade For Kids

Because of a lost bet, Stephen had to dye his beard pink. He took it one step beyond though…

After he was done, he posted a picture to Facebook

Lemonade For Kids 5,000+ Likes!It came with this message: “Lemons into Lemonade. Lemon: Lost Bet. Lemonade: 500 “likes” = $500 to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. 1,000 “likes”= $1,000 Deadline: February 28 2014” 

The rest is history in the making. His picture & cause has since gone viral and way above and beyond what he ever imagined. He even has been interviewed by local television & news reporters and he’s even been on CNN. Stay tuned for the Journey. This is not ending on the 28th, it’s just beginning.


Lemons Into Lemonade



A lot of People have asked how to help Lemonade For Kids even further. Truth be told, we need all the help we can get. You can start by doing the following:

Please take a moment to invite all your Friends and Family to this Page by using the social media of your choice. What you are doing by “Sharing Some Lemonade For Kids” is really starting to make a difference in the lives of sick Children.

You can also Donate to the Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital of Maine.

If you prefer Paypal, please visit our Donation Page.

If you would like to help even more than a simple “like”, “tweet”, “pin”, “up vote”, “+1”, “digg”, “stumble”, or “share” then please consider sending an Inspirational Message directly to the Kids.

You can also help by reaching out to us. Help is appreciated no matter how big or small and we will give you full credit for your time, donations  and efforts for Sharing the Lemonade ~ Lemonade For Kids

We Sincerely Thank You!

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This Lemonade For Kids Fan Page was setup on Thursday Feb. 20th 2014 with the kids in mind. There is a lot more to come here. Stay tuned & thank you for visiting!

Want to spread the good deed even further than a Guys Pink Beard can?

Use the hashtag
#lemonadeforkids on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to Google+ this for the Kids too!

Let’s make this TREND for the Kids!

4 thoughts on “Lemons Into Lemonade, Lemonade For Kids

  1. Steve Betters

    Didn’t get a chance to check mail before leaving for work yesterday. Just got home from 12hr shift and checked the box. In it was an envelope from Mark H. Jones. If you remember, Mark is a professional photographer and has a website called visionsofmaine. Mark challenged that if his site received a certain number of “likes” in a 2week period, he would donate $500 to BBCH. Being a man of his word, Mark sent me the check and I will be presenting tomorrow to BBCH!!! I am extremely proud & humbled to know such fine people as Mark Jones. If you haven’t “Liked” his page, PLEASE DO!!

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

    This is most excellent, Stephen! In my life so far, kids are the coolest! Be well little ones.

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